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Safe, Permanent Flooring for Yoga Studios

The Zebra Yoga Rolls is a new product in the Zebra Yoga product line. This seamless product is a safe, durable, and easy to clean wall-to-wall solution that is glued down to any subfloor. The Zebra Rolls Yoga Floor is the optimal floor for all types of Yoga; including Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga and Pilates.

Roll Floor

Zebra Yoga

Tile Floor

Safe & Easy to Install Flooring for Yoga Studios

The Zebra Yoga Tile Floor was specifically designed to meet the demands of yoga practice. Safe and durable, the Zebra Yoga Tiles are the ideal easy-to-install flooring solution for any yoga studio.

The Zebra Yoga Tiles can be used wall-to-wall or individually.

Tile Floor®

About Zebra

Since introducing Zebra Mats, we have become the first flooring company to market premium quality mat systems for all martial arts disciplines. Zebra was also first to market with specialty mat systems for cardio kick boxing and cardio karate programs, adding specially coated vinyl to allow use of shoes without damaging mat finish and performance.

Zebra was created in 1997, with the objective of bringing world class flooring systems to the striking arts and grappling martial arts industries.



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